Who Is Michael Sale?

A Business Driven Technology Consultant

  • 20 years of experience helping businesses select and implement the right technologies for their strategic objectives.
  • 17 years at Oracle in various technical, leadership, and management positions
  • 2 years at Avaya as Director Online Engagement
  • 6 years with bay area startups, associations, non-profits
  • Consulting engagements with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and small businesses
Michael Sale
Michael Sale

Michael is an Innovative Technical Leader with demonstrated effectiveness in designing, selling, implementing and operating, and transforming complex applications.

He has a Leadership approach built on leveraging engineering on cloud platforms using AI technologies for Self Learning, NLP, Data Mining for Behavioral Analytics, and Operational Excellence.

He has Implemented and improved organizations’ KPIs for Customer Engagement via NLP-driven Chatbots, Live Chat, Personalization, Knowledge Management and Community Enablement.

What Michael can help you accomplish

  1. Identify the current health and readiness of your technology stack of services
  2. Provide you with an executable plan to iterate on your current stack to optimize for your business goals
  3. Link you to people, processes, and technology services that can help you accomplish your goals
  4. Measure just how well the changes you are implementing are making a difference