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Audit Your Own Website

Websites are not Enough

You already have a website, but it feels like a brochure no one reads.

You know you can do more to capture leads and nurture prospects into customers, but there are so many different technologies, apps, and social networks that you don’t know how to choose what to focus on now!
We can help you forge a path to an online platform that goes far beyond the typical website, one that works with Web applications, Marketing Automation, Real-Time Interaction technologies like chat and chatbot, and much more. We can help you shape these tools to your specific needs and those of your business to generate leads, increase engagement and build effective funnels.
We will craft an intentional digital customer experience with only the technologies that will directly contribute to your business goals and avoid the “shiny-penny” expense of unproven technology.
We will help you build out a measured online platform with KPIs built-in across the platform to put hard numbers to your Return on Investment (ROI).

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Michael Sale Services

Here is a list of some of the core services we use to help build your digital customer experience that helps you convert visitors into an audience, leads into customers, and customers into evangelists.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is a function of traffic, customer engagement and great CTAs (Call To Action) for the right Offer. I will help you build out each step carefully and effectively.


Being seen and clicked on in Google Search Results is difficult mix of Technical SEO, On Page SEO and Off Page Authority Hacking. I can help you find the right solution for your needs and your budget.

Conversion Optimization

Even if you get organic and paid visits to your site, did you get conversions? If so, can you increase your conversion rate? This service can increase your profits massively!

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the key aspect of Inbound Marketing I focus on and bring my experience with Product Management and Product Marketing to help create a fantastic traffic magnet and lead capture solution.


A GA4 Analytics Health Check will make sure you have all the essentials in place and are capturing accurate data. But that is just where we get started…

Business Conversion

Transform your business from on site, in person delivery to digital courses, live virtual workshops, and paid online bookings for a team of consultants

Client Testimonials for Michael Sale Services

Barber John John Jardin Barbershop - Michael Sale Service Client
Barber John John Barbershop

Mike was able to take me from zero to being at the top of Google search results for “best barber” that brought in new customers!

– John Jardin

Dena Samuels - Michael Sale Service Client
Dena Samuels Consulting

Mike helped me convert my business’ in-person workshops into Ecourse delivery with specific needs for security and compliance and help me see new opportunities.

– Dena Samuels

Marge Wilaby - Michael Sale Service client
Marge Wilaby, Services Leader

Michael Sale is a ‘go-to’ guy who gets to the core of business problems and leverages his technical knowledge as well as business experience to resolve those problems and improve operational results.

– Marge Wilaby, Senior Director