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Michael Sale

I Help You Select and Implement Technology

You don't have enough time or money to do everything! I can help you decide how to focus your time and your budget to get the most out of your investment.

Websites Are
Not Enough

Maybe you already have a website, but it feels like a brochure no one reads. You know you can do more to capture and nurture customers, but there are so many different technologies, apps and social networks that you don’t know how to choose what to focus on now!
We can help you navigate this difficult terrain. We can help you forge a path to an online platform that goes far beyond the typical website, one that works with Web applications, Marketing Automation, Real Time Interaction technologies like chat and chatbot, and much more. We can help you shape these tools to your specific needs and those of your business.

We will craft a digital experience with only the technologies that will directly contribute to your business goals and avoid the “shiny-penny” expense of unproven technology.

We will help you build out an online platform with measures built in and across the platform to put hard numbers to your Return on Investment (ROI).

Branding Your Digital Presence

Visual Interaction Identity

A versatile Logo, Diagrams, Motion Graphics, and User Experience driven Design should be used to create a customer-centric flow. A pleasant look and feel with an identity that sets you apart from your competition’s “theme” based approach.

Customer Experience

We help you create a digital platform that is easy to navigate and reduces friction in the stages of moving people from being mere prospects to customers, to your evangelists.

We emphasize Information architecture properly introduced and vetted through a customer-journey mapping process based on your goals.

Branding is for Everyone

A successful brand is one people can and will associate with you based on their experience with your online presence. You want to be able to brand your content, your work and your service to foster prospects into customers into business expanding on the foundation of customer satisfaction.

Services: How I can Help Your Business

Getting Started: Health Check

We start with an in-depth health check of your current online platform. We look at your website, your social media presence, your integrations with the back office and more to be able to assess what you currently have so we can identify critical weaknesses and prime opportunities.

Chat Solutions that Work for You

Too often people add Chatbots and Live Chat without putting together a plan that enhances the customer experience. Customers then become frustrated. What should be an enhancement of the customer’s experience becomes and impediment. This erodes trust, and calls into question whether you are the best choice for them. We use a proven strategically-aligned processes to identify and rollout a chat strategy that works for your business and delights your customers!

Websites: The Structure

We take a look at your present product and services solutions for marketing, sales, onboarding and service and craft a solution that simplifies the customer experience and raises your CSAT and NPS. We take into consideration the various channels you use for customer engagement and the content you can use to get them to know, like and trust you.

Then we build a funnel that helps people become aware of their problems, what products and services they can use to solve those problems, and how your products and services are the superior choice.

A Website is the base structure that needs to be woven into a solution that aligns with your business and meets customer needs. This structure is your Information Architecture.

Analytics Dashboards

We help you build out a platform that measures customer interactions related to business goals. We consolidate things like chatbot interactions, email marketing, social media, and provide you with a consolidated dashboard that serves your business goals.

Our process has a built-in review that focuses on your goals and not the myriad of possible data and measures available.

6 Key Focus Points For Website Success

Websites can help you build your business and help you reach out to existing customers and provide services. Self-assess your website today with my free ebook. It is focused on getting your started toward business impact as soon as possible. 

Learn about the Essentials of Email Marketing beyond a simple "Newsletter"

Here’s a free ebook to help you get started with Email Marketing beyond the classical “Newsletter” and leverage the newsletter to reap greater business results.  

Email is still a dominant way to engage your prospects and existing customers. Email marketing processes and capabilities have exploded in recent years. What previously cost hundreds of thousands of dollars can now be started for free and migrate to paid solutions only after you grow or need more sophisticated solutions. 

Download my free PDF and get started today!

Need Help Being Found on Google?

Before you consider advertising online to generate traffic, you should make sure that people who have the intent to find you and your services can find you today! This field is called “SEO,” or “Search Engine Optimization” and refers to the activities and content that help link people who have an intent to find an answer, learn about a subject, or find something you want with the proper possible resources. 

The better you are at being found, the more business you will generate and the better customers will find you. 

Submit your name, email and keyword relevant to your business and receive your Free Search Engine Friendly Analysis.

It only takes a few minutes to get your SEO report as a PDF report!

This report contains many technical assessments and tips to help you get started, but SEO is actually more about your business and its objectives. A simple assessment is not enough.

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